The Board of Commissioners.

Chairman: Mrs. Ann Davidson.

Vice Chairman: Mr. Ned Kennaugh.


Mrs. Ann Davidson.
Mrs. Voirrey Kelly.
Mr. Ned Kennaugh.
Mrs. Anna Parker.

Mr. Howard Benson. (Deceased 18 November 2022).

All Commissioners expressed their appreciation of the contribution

that Howard Benson had made to the Parish over the past 40+ years, first as Clerk and then Commissioner.

Committees & Boards

Eastern Civic Amenity Site Board: Mrs. Ann Davidson.
Southern Police – Multi-Agency Committee (IOM Constabulary) : Mr. G Barry Kennedy
Southern Swimming Pool: Mrs. Anna Parker.

Other matters – ad hoc: Clerk and Members as available.

Clerk to the Commissioners:
Mr. G. Barry Kennedy
The Ridings,
Foxdale Road,
The Eairy,
Isle of Man.

Tel: 342090