Santon Parish Commissioners

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Santon/Braddan MHK Surgery, 29th April, Mount Murray.

The Board of Commissioners.

Chairman: Mr. Norman Kelly.

Vice Chairman: Mrs. N. Pemberton.

Mr. Ian Burrell.
Mr. Norman Kelly.
Mrs Nicola Pemberton.
Mr. Robert Andrew Parker.
Mr. Neil Young.

Eastern Civic Amenity Site Board:
Mr. Norman Kelly and clerk.
Liaison with Government Vet:
Mr. Norman Kelly
Southern Police - Multi-Agency Committee (IOM Constabulary) :
Clerk Howard Benson
SLA – Traffic Management Liason Group: Mr. I Burrell.
Southern Swimming Pool: Mr. Ian Burrell.
DEFA and Orchid Field: Mr. N Kelly.
Water & Sewage Auth Affairs: Mr. N Kelly.
Public Housing Reorganisation Committee, South- (Political): Mr. N. Young with Mrs. N. Pemberton
High Hedges: Mr. Neil Young.
Public Housing Reorganisation Committee, South- (Officers): Clerk
Waste Management Working Group (Officers): Clerk.

Other matters - ad hoc: Clerk and Members as available.

Clerk to the Commissioners:
Mr. Howard Benson. Commissioner for Oaths.
"Thrang End",
Isle of Man.
IM9 3EG.

Tel: +44 (0)1624 822761
Email: comms AT santon DOT org DOT uk

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  • The audited accounts for 2015-16 are now available for inspection at the Commissioners' office

  • Santon Commissioners' Rates for 2017-18 are remaining at 115p in the £

  • The Commissioners meet usually on the first Tuesday of each month at Ballachrink Mill Barn, Old Castletown Road, Santon. This date is subject to occasional change depending upon availability of the Members and Clerk