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Refrigerator Disposal Information
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Fridge Recycling at Civic Amenity Sites

Northern Civic Amenity Site - Ballacallow, Bride. Tel: 882006

Payment method: Invoices are issued to the public at the site. Payment should be then be made by cheque / postal order to the Treasury (payable to Isle of Man Government).

Charges: £22.50+ VAT per fridge unit (£26.44).

Permits: Not required. However, photo I.D. (e.g. driving licence) is required for invoicing purposes.

Accepted areas: All-island


Southern Civic Amenity Site - Castletown Road, Port St Mary. Tel 836202

Please note: On arrival at the Site the individual should make themselves known to a Site Operative.

Payment method: Cheques made payable to Manx Waste Solutions. (Cheques are preferred, however, if a cheque cannot be issued then cash will be accepted). A receipt will then be issued.

Charges: £22.50 +VAT per fridge unit (£26.44)

Accepted areas: The site prefers to accept only fridges from the South of the Island but all paying individuals will be accepted.


Eastern Civic Amenity Site, Middle River, Douglas. Tel. 678217 

Please note: Fridges & freezers are received free of charge at the Eastern Civic Amenity Site

Payment method: N/A

Charges: Recycling costs are borne by way of the rates in the various authorities.


Western Civic Amenity Site, Curragh Road, St Johns. Tel: 801158

Please note: This site does not accept fridge / freezer units for recycling. Options for local residents include 1) Northern Civic Amenity Site 2) Home collection.



Available to all island residents. Phone Manx Waste Solutions (Tel: 661569).

Charge per unit: £22.50 (recycling charge) + £10 (collections charge) + VAT = £38.18

Please note that the Commissioners cannot guarantee the accuracy of information provided by external sources.